Welcome to Lynn Honour Counselling

I offer a safe and confidential space where we can create a working alliance together, in which I can support you to reflect on your feelings, thoughts and experiences, to become more self-aware building resilience, increasing your self-esteem. Finding your own unique answers to life’s stresses and challenges.

About Me

I have a background in Health and Social Care, collaborating with individuals with mental health and complex needs.

My journey into training to become a qualified registered counsellor, was instinctive and a very natural next step, to support individuals who are increasingly finding life difficult for a variety of reasons.


To get the most out of counselling, its important to find a counsellor that is a good fit for you. To enable this, I offer an hour ‘taster session’ where we can discuss your reasons for considering counselling at this time and what your expectations of the process and outcomes expected.
This meeting can take place face to face (dependent on covid restrictions) or via a zoom call.

What I can help with

you see all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts


Payments can be made via bank transfer or in person by cash.

Please note: I am also able to offer concessionaire rates.


Face to face sessions

Face to face session priced at £50 for 50 minutes


Online sessions via Zoom

Online sessions via zoom priced at £50 for 50 minutes


Relationship Counselling for couples

I also offer relationship counselling to couples at £75 for 50 minutes either face to face or online.

Types of therapy


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that looks at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and helps to change some of these to manage your problems.



The integrative approach may include elements of person-centred therapy. This focuses on you rather than the counsellor being the expert on yourself, and aims to help you reach your full potential. Your therapist will help you achieve that by accepting and valuing you, being honest and transparent with you and offering you unconditional positive regard.



Psychodynamic therapy helps you understand how your current feelings and behaviour are shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind and impulses.







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